yangelina (yangelina) wrote,

Good rant!

My friend Patrick goes on a rant:


I've about had it with so-called "Christians." Who the fuck do these people think they are? How can someone call him/herself Christian when he/she has zero Christ-like qualities?

The morning prayer in the Senate was, for the first time, a Hindu prayer. You know how our country has freedom of religion. You also know that our founding fathers were not Christians, but rather Deists. And you must also know that Jesus did not advocate being an asshole to people of other faiths. In fact, that's contradictory to his message. Yet three Senate members rudely interrupted the Hindu prayer. Let's call this Exhibit A:

Then we have the anti-stem cell research, anti-abortion, anti-pulling-tubes-out-of-vegetables, "culture of life" that Jesus apparently had a problem with. I'm not going to jump into the abortion debate on Biblical grounds, because deciding what constitutes murder is a very personal thing and you could argue it either way. I'd rather point out that fundamentalist Christians overwhelmingly supported the war in Iraq and the death penalty. Why is killing an innocent fetus wrong, but killing an innocent Iraqi is good? Why is it good Christian values to kill a convicted criminal, even though Jesus condemns violence (or even ill will) against someone who has wronged you? Let's call the 3,000 dead Americans and the 50,000+ dead Iraqi civilians Exhibit N.

Let's tackle homosexuality next. Isn't it a little strange that so many Christians claim homosexuality is a sin, even though Jesus details several kinds of sexual immorality, but doesn't manage to mention homosexuality even one time? Go ahead and look through one of those Bibles that puts Jesus' words in red text to make it even easier on yourself: Jesus has no problem talking about sexual immorality. He has big issues with sexual immorality, but never once indicates a single thing about homosexuality. He doesn't even gently suggest it in any way. Not a single word. So who are all of these Christians saying it's a sin? Let's call this missing scripture Exhibit C.

To wrap up my argument, Jesus plainly said to let he without sin cast the first stone. Going along with Jesus' theory that everyone sins, it would appear that Jesus is saying STOP JUDGING OTHER PEOPLE. YOU LIVE YOUR OWN DAMN LIFE AND LEAVE EVERYONE ELSE ALONE. But this still leaves me wondering, if there are one billion Christians on this planet, where the fuck are they? I have met only a handful of Christians who are even remotely Christ-like. It's really fucking easy to wear a cross, say you're Christian, believe Christ died for your sins, etc. but by looking at exhibits A, N, and C, you'll find that Ain't Nobody Christian. I can't wait for the fucking rapture so Jesus can come back down and look at all six billion of us and say, "You guys are idiots. Fuck all of you," and leave alone.

p.s. -- I suspect all of the popes are merely Satan in disguise... and what a poor disguise it is.


Last week I thought about picking up the Bible and reading it through, having never done that (and know very little about the book). This week, I still think I have better things to do than learn about Christianity.

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