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Week three at my new job and I’ve been shown hundreds of knots but have had to figure out the shoe myself, to understand how they all fit together. It’s a little frustrating and a lot confusing, but I’m making my way through this stuff steadily. My co-workers are fantastic and super helpful whenever I do ask a question, but I’m having a hard time asking questions because they’re all so busy all the time. I also discovered that I have some serious responsibilities that affect stations nation-wide, which is totally intimidating. One of my coworkers asked how I’m liking my job and I said “I feel like I’m making a difference.” He looked surprised. Maybe he thought I was ass-kissing.

Worked on a couple of tickets today and got this back from a client:

“Angie--Thank you so much for that full and informative reply. NEVER have I had a response as swift as yours. It's great PR for NPR.”

Good news, yes, except I don’t work for NPR and it’s funny how people continue to confuse the two (in fact, I did so myself). Goes to show that PRI/PI needs PR more than we realized. That’s the skinny on the jobby-job.

I love my brother. I gave him the shoelace analogy (“If you want to teach someone how to tie a shoelace, first you gotta tell them what a shoe is and where it goes. So far I’ve been shown knots…”) and he said “Great. Now tell me what’s really going on without the shoe part because I’m not stupid.” And when I did that and explained a bit more of my responsibilities, he said, “OH, so you have to actually READ now.” Such a smartass.

Other news: Aaron and I have been super active socially. Danny P. is now a Cambridge resident and I see him often, which is fantastic. John/Nate/Mel are also moving to the area in September, and we’ll hang out with them regularly, I’m sure. I met some of Alice’s friends at a Boston Scavenger Hunt, for which our team came in third place (out of five teams, so it isn’t a big deal but it was fun). Last Thursday we grabbed dinner with Maija, which led us to meeting a few really fantastic people and some incredible jazz. This weekend we’re away to a beach house to celebrate Pete’s 30th, next weekend I’m likely to be in NYC with Danny P, the weekend after that our new housemate Alex moves in, and the following weekend we fly down to see tbons get married. So tightly booked, and I love it.

And I just heard there is a new Taiwanese restaurant that just opened even closer to our apartment than the only Taiwanese place that I know of in Chinatown. Competition! I shall be the judge.

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