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There was also this

Aaron and I went down to RI to see his family over the weekend. Aaron's brother John and John's good friend Silas went for a bike ride yesterday in the middle of the woods and quiet country streets. Upon their return I made the comment that, "Hey Silas, I'm glad to see you guys are wearing helmets."

Silas said, "Of course. We're dumb, but we're not that dumb."
Well, I told him, there are many many cylists are just that dumb, riding in the Boston area.

Then John took Aaron and I fishing. That was neat. We saw a beaver, a turtle, a bunch of annoying screaming teenagers with one dumb dog, and a nice older gentleman with two beautiful dogs. Aaron and John each caught two little fish, I sat and read a bunch of Terry Pratchett. Maybe next time I'll try fishing.

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