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Two weeks later -

The Flash classes went well; my students wanted one more class to go over some of the things we covered one more time, but not enough of them wanted to pay an extra $10 for that to happen, so it didn't. The director did ask if I wanted to take on another workshop in August. I probably will, since much of the prep work is already done.

Yesterday I went to a gathering of SMS (Suzuki Music Schools of MA, which I think ought to be SMSM, but anyway), and networked a bunch. People were really sweet and friendly, and made me feel really welcome. I'm all that much more excited to start teaching and become part of this community. These are quality people. Kind of interesting, too, that most Suzuki teachers that I've met so far are female. My theory on that is (specifically for pianists) guys have bigger hands and are more frequently great performers, so they don't need to teach 'cause they can hack it on stage. But I'm not sure how this theory holds for things like the flute, for example.

Website is done, but a couple of small bugs here and there. I haven't the vaguest idea how to fix them bugs, so I'm kind of ignoring them right now. Same thing with my business card - the ones I printed out are a little Not So Good. They're perfectly functional, but they're not perfectly perfect so it's grating on my nerves.

Last month I applied to this media design company to be an assistant producer. They got back to me last week, and I'm to have a phone call from them tomorrow to discuss the position. In the first e-mail they wrote me, they greeted me as "Annie." I was not impressed. Although, it does remind me of this story I heard yesterday, when I was discussing poorly named names with other Suzuki teachers. Apparently one of the ladies there knew a girl who's little sister's name was Ana Bench. And when I asked, "What about her middle name? Could she..." I was told that her middle name was "Park." That poor thing.

One of my most favorite guys from undergrad is moving to within three miles of me in a couple of months. I am so ridiculous giddy about this - he would be my only tie to my college days in the Boston area. And he was my dancing buddy, too, so I'm really looking forward to having him around for those 80s nights before I get too old to stay up late.

The Boston Pride Parade and Festival is this weekend, and I want to go. I think it'll be fun.

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