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I'm perfectly well aware of the line between reality and fantasy

One of my professors hooked me up with a lead to teach an introductory Flash workshop at Somerville Community Access Television. I went to meet with the director lady, and landed this small job (about a total of 10 hours worth of work, spread over three weeks). This is pretty exciting, I am a little bit nervous but I think I will be fine. It's intro Flash, which I'm very familiar with, and I'm just anal enough to be able to dissect things into small little bits and redeliver them to the students. It'll be a small class, anywhere from 2-6 students but no more. It's not a school situation so the students will be there because they WANT to learn this stuff, which makes all the difference. I'm currently working on a syllabus, having just finished a short biography, which looks like this:

"Angie recently completed a graduate program in Visual and Media Arts at Emerson College in Boston, specializing in New Media and Audio Production. She previously interned with the new media production house The Barbarian Group, LLC in Boston, and currently works as an advertising designer at Market Precision, Inc. in Cambridge, as well as being a part-time Flash consultant for Russell Street Web Hosting in Somerville. When she isn't at her computer, she enjoys dancing, reading, cooking, and pursuing her passion in music as a registered Suzuki piano teacher."

I think I'm avoiding the Suzuki piano thing, probably because I'm chicken shit. I'm not entirely sure about this, still doing some self-reflection, and considering therapy. I'll address this again when I'm 27.

Last night we played a D&D session where my ranger was awarded extra points for using her wild empathy feat on a dire badger. And if you have no idea what that meant, it's ok, and let me put it this way:

The character I play, let's say she was once a zoo-keeper, and is good with animals. She's in the middle of this forest with some friends and suddenly a wild (tiger, let's say) jumped out and growled. She used her zoo-keeping tricks to chill the (tiger) out, and off goes the (tiger) instead of sticking around to kill and eat every and each one of the travelers. You follow me?

So the Dungeon Master (aka God of the game, if you will, and some of us call him 'Aaron') says "so describe how you calmed down this dire badger."

Uh. I've never 'ranged' nor 'zoo-kept' before, and he was kind of putting me on the spot. So I held up my hands and said "Whoa buddy." and somehow that was hysterically funny. Well, does anybody else have a better idea? Some of you watch the Animal Planet and has episodes memorized. (I'm looking at you, woman. You know who you are.) Throw me a bone here. (HA)

Later in the gaming session we discovered that my owl can pick up a halfling. Picture an owl carrying Mr. Frodo with its beak. My bird is totally badass. So the owl did this, and carried our badly injured halfling to safety, then the halfling was fed a healing potion which gave him enough energy to quaff another healing potion, so that he woke up pissed off and called his air elemental with his lute which was responsible for taking out most of the dire wolves that were about to hand us our flesh on a plate and then eat it. I probably shouldn't get into why we were fighting dire wolves.

And now that I'm looking at this post I'm a bit disturbed - most of it is about this game I play, so what does that say about my life? And my god, I play D&D and I'm going to teach a class in Flash. I'm totally turning into a geek here.

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